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Stationery bargains for £2 or less

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I'm addicted to stationery, and I suspect you might be too if you're reading this - welcome to the club! 

Whilst a top-end Moleskine notebook or Lamy pen might weaken my knees and make me 'ooh' out loud, the thrill of finding an amazing roll of washi tape at pocket-money prices is equally rewarding.

Everything in this list is £2 or less and easily obtainable in the UK. You could buy the whole lot for less than £20 - that's what I call a bargain!

I'd love to know if you have any stationery recommendations of your own - leave me a comment below...


UPPFATTA Folder with sticky notes - IKEA - £1.50
I love the paper-goods section of IKEA, the quality is usually great and I'll be looking out for these bad-boys when I'm next there. 'Pass me my UPPFATTAS, I've had an idea'!

Black gel pen - Muji - £1.50
I always used to find gel pens a bit disappointing, but I love these ones from Muji - the ink flows really freely and consistently and doesn't do that annoying, stuttery, blobby thing.

Document wallet - Flying Tiger - £2
It doesn't count as hoarding if you file it away in pretty folders like these!

Dinosaur and volcano stickers - Paperchase - £1.75
Essential, I am sure you'll agree.

Revision cards - Wilko - £1
I'd have done a million times better in my exams if I'd had funky revision cards like these to help me remember things.

White Linen Effect Lever Arch - Wilko - £2
If you had lots of paperwork to file away, a row of these would look super-stylish - I love the little handles.

Gold Foil Washi Tape - Etsy - £2
We get through a LOT of washi tape here at PaperPaper - a classic spot or stripe always looks good, and now I've found these which are gold!

Iwako biscuit eraser - Paperchase - £1
Careful not to dunk these into your tea, they won't taste very nice. A 'friend' told me....*ahem*

Large clear pencil case - WH Smith - £1.99
This might not look too exciting but it's my very favourite pencil case - you want to be able to actually see the lovely, cool stationery you've spent all your money on - plus it means you can get your hands on that Sharpie in one graceful movement.

Rhodia Classic Orange A5 Notebook - London Graphic Centre - £1.97
Ah, notebooks, the most satisfying of all stationery purchases. Whether you're on a budget or not, a Rhodia notebook will always serve you well. A sophisticated, French little number; the paper is lovely to write on.

Helix Oxford Maths Set - Amazon - £2
I don't know about you but I could have hours of fun with this little tin of goodies (plus it reminds me of misbehaving in school maths lessons).