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Bicton Botanical Gardens, Devon

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bicton greenhouse palm


If you're ever in Devon (near Exmouth) and you like a Victorian greenhouse or two, I can highly recommend a day out to Bicton Botanical Gardens.

The outside grounds are made up of mainly pine tree walks, a huge and very neat Italian-inspired garden and various play areas and places to eat. There's even a little train ride!

This is all lovely, but it's the greenhouses that are the main event in my book. There's about six of them, each replicating a different botanical zones of the world. I wish I hadn't gone on the hottest day of the year though as it transformed a lot of those greenhouses into exotic pizza ovens - aren't plants amazing that they can live through all this heat!

The main star of the show is the Palm House which is nearly 200 years old! It's made up of tiny panes of glass and is equally stunning inside and out.

Expect a few greenhouse/palm-themed illustrations very soon!

inside Bicton palmhouse
inside Bicton palm house
Bicton Gardens palm house
looking in

Stationery bargains for £2 or less

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I'm addicted to stationery, and I suspect you might be too if you're reading this - welcome to the club! 

Whilst a top-end Moleskine notebook or Lamy pen might weaken my knees and make me 'ooh' out loud, the thrill of finding an amazing roll of washi tape at pocket-money prices is equally rewarding.

Everything in this list is £2 or less and easily obtainable in the UK. You could buy the whole lot for less than £20 - that's what I call a bargain!

I'd love to know if you have any stationery recommendations of your own - leave me a comment below...


UPPFATTA Folder with sticky notes - IKEA - £1.50
I love the paper-goods section of IKEA, the quality is usually great and I'll be looking out for these bad-boys when I'm next there. 'Pass me my UPPFATTAS, I've had an idea'!

Black gel pen - Muji - £1.50
I always used to find gel pens a bit disappointing, but I love these ones from Muji - the ink flows really freely and consistently and doesn't do that annoying, stuttery, blobby thing.

Document wallet - Flying Tiger - £2
It doesn't count as hoarding if you file it away in pretty folders like these!

Dinosaur and volcano stickers - Paperchase - £1.75
Essential, I am sure you'll agree.

Revision cards - Wilko - £1
I'd have done a million times better in my exams if I'd had funky revision cards like these to help me remember things.

White Linen Effect Lever Arch - Wilko - £2
If you had lots of paperwork to file away, a row of these would look super-stylish - I love the little handles.

Gold Foil Washi Tape - Etsy - £2
We get through a LOT of washi tape here at PaperPaper - a classic spot or stripe always looks good, and now I've found these which are gold!

Iwako biscuit eraser - Paperchase - £1
Careful not to dunk these into your tea, they won't taste very nice. A 'friend' told me....*ahem*

Large clear pencil case - WH Smith - £1.99
This might not look too exciting but it's my very favourite pencil case - you want to be able to actually see the lovely, cool stationery you've spent all your money on - plus it means you can get your hands on that Sharpie in one graceful movement.

Rhodia Classic Orange A5 Notebook - London Graphic Centre - £1.97
Ah, notebooks, the most satisfying of all stationery purchases. Whether you're on a budget or not, a Rhodia notebook will always serve you well. A sophisticated, French little number; the paper is lovely to write on.

Helix Oxford Maths Set - Amazon - £2
I don't know about you but I could have hours of fun with this little tin of goodies (plus it reminds me of misbehaving in school maths lessons).

Stamp albums

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Having to send mail by the sack-full means the days of stamps are long gone in favour of barcode labels. How boring! Especially when I could be sticking these to packages...

Royal Mail Bowie stamps

...I may have to get some and send some snail mail. Bowie makes everything more awesome - the Aladdin Sane album cover artwork will always be my favourite.

Aladdin Sane stamp

They are available to pre-order from the Royal Mail website and go on sale for reals on 14th March.

The countdown begins...

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I'm definitely the sort of person that works better with a deadline, so I've imposed one on myself so I can finally get my little online shop up and running!

The 3rd of February is launch day - there'll be lots of opening day discounts so be sure to sign up to the newsletter or follow me on Instagram and Twitter to make sure you have the opportunity of grabbing a bargain! There'll be 20% everything on 3rd, 4th and 5th February with the discount code OPENUP20.

Of course, if you just can't wait, you can find PaperPaper products for sale over at

paperpaper - grand opening - 3rd february

My favourite FREE ampersand fonts

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I’ve always loved a well constructed ampersand (although I always struggled with writing my own). When I’m test-driving a font one of the first things I do is to see how the ampersands look and it’s often a deal breaker before I hand over the cash for the font license.

Some of the very best ones though are available for free…


A Geoma | B Niconne | C Print Clearly | D Goudy Bookletter 1911 | E K22 Didoni Swash | F Abril Fatface | G The Bold Font | H Quicksand | I Playfair Display

And here’s a tip – if there’s an italic version of the font, there’s often a hidden ampersand gem to be found. Just look at Libre Baskerville – its regular ampersand is a perfectly serviceable, beautifully legible character – but just look at the curvaceous beauty that is Libre Baskerville Italic

libre baskerville

If you too are a lover of the ampersand I’ve collected lots more on Pinterest. Do you have any favourites? Or have I gone too far into font nerd-dom?

Just made it!

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It's nearly all over - 2016 that is. What a funny one it was! Not so much funny-ha-ha though, unfortunately - although we mustn't forget the good times along the way.

With just a couple of days of the year left to go I can finally tick 'set up website' off my 'to do' list. It might not be finished but getting it started feels like a huge achievement.

That I have the time to do it at all is all thanks to the decision to expand the business and not try to do everything myself - I am so excited that my future now is all about product design and promotion and that I have an amazingly talented team taking care of all the orders.

Come on, 2017 - I am ready and waiting for you!